Mary Macarthur: a bitch bio

Mary Macarthur was a Scottish trade unionist who fought tirelessly for the rights of women workers in the early 20th Century. She founded the National Federation of Women Workers in 1906 and her efforts – along with those of others – led to the introduction of a minimum wage and the regulation of working hours. Macarthur was famously hands-on in her campaigning – she contracted diphtheria whilst investigating unjust working conditions for women in sweated industries. In March 2017, she was honoured with an English Heritage blue plaque at her house in Golders Green and her endeavour to improve the lives of working women is being continued by the Mary Macarthur Holiday Trust, who fund holidays for women who could not otherwise afford them. If you think you or someone you know might qualify, head to their website to apply. For more information on Mary Macarthur, there is a detailed account of her life and work on the English Heritage Blue Plaque directory.


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